We'll Let Your Child Play
Outside as Much as Possible

Physical Activity and Exercise is Extremely Important for Kids

Outdoor play is a great way for your child to get out of the building and burn off some extra energy. Throughout the year at All About Kids, your child will engage in fun exercise and physical activity outside each day on our playground. We don't keep your child cooped up inside!

Our teachers and staff understand the importance of physical activity and exercise for young children. Our program includes outdoor time every day of the week as long as the weather permits.

Each child in our program will enjoy the outdoors when the weather is appropriate for them to go outside. Our well-maintained outdoor play area is safe and contains activities for all our students.

Key Skills Are Learned on the Playground

  • Navigate social skill challenges
  • Burn off excess energy
  • Strengthen their physical gross motor skills
  • Have fun
  • Stay healthy
  • Engage in exercise

Come Take a Look at Our Outdoor Play Area

Our outdoor play area is completely fenced in and secure. Toys and equipment cascade throughout the play area to provide children with endless fun and activities. The area is completely safe and non-toxic.
Our students enjoy outdoor water play and much more.

Give us a call today
to learn how you can
save money on our enrollment fees.

We have a children's entertainer who visits on a weekly basis. In addition to this, your child can sign up for the tumble bus — gym-on-wheels today.

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