Let Us Bring Out the Curious Side of Your Child With Enjoyable Classroom Activities

Our Curriculums Are Perfect for 3- to 4-Year Old Children

At All About Kids, we help cultivate your child's natural curiosity. When you place your trust in our caregivers, they will begin to help encourage your child to learn, explore, ask questions, and communicate openly.

Our teachers spend time perfecting their classroom activities. We want each child to participate in all the activities we have. Each teacher assesses her students and then formulates a plan ideal for all.
Our programs and classroom activities help raise your child's self-esteem. All our teachers are caring and provide a fun, engaging, and warm learning environment where your child will feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed. We believe in structure, and our classroom environment is organized for easy playtime and familiarity.

Fun Classroom Activities

  • Singing
  • Listening to music and rhymes
  • Playing instruments
  • Painting, drawing, creating craft projects
  • Story and puzzle time
  • Playing educational games
Fruit car

Your Child Will Learn Many Skills

  • Social development - playing, sharing, respecting others
  • Gross motor skills - running, jumping, hopping
  • Small motor skills - cutting, puzzles, pasting
  • Self-help skills - hanging up their coat, putting on a jacket
  • Language and communication - story time
  • Independent bathroom habits and washing hands
  • Healthy eating habits, rest time, manners, clean up habits
You can schedule a tour of our childcare center today! Our tours and childcare services are available all round the year.
Give us a call today to learn more about our registration and enrollment process.

Our state-licensed center has certified teachers, and we're continuously training them to ensure that they acquire new skills and certifications.

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